With both in-house design and fabrication skills to draw on, we can make your costumes come to life!

In 1996, Costume Works Inc. was formed by some of the best of Boston's regional theatre, ballet, and independent costumers. Sixteen years later, we have many of the same core staff - which means we have about 150 years of combined experience from all over the country making custom theatrical costumes – supplemented by an equally talented freelance pool. We are tailors, milliners, stitchers, designers, sculptors, and painter/dyers available for anything made of fabric (or foam or Fosshape or wire or paper - you get the idea!) Explore our online portfolio and be as surprised and pleased as we are by what has come through our door.

Our shop is 2 miles from Boston in an old railroad siding warehouse. We have about 3500 square feet of space just outside Somerville’s Union Square, lots of natural light, street level access and on-street parking. Our facility and staff can handle hundreds of costumes at a time, and we look forward to adding your project to the mix!